“I can change my mind, give it wings. I can allow my mind to adjust, not resist. To shift, not to fight. To encompass, not reject. To confront the windstorm of life head on with the surety that its seemingly uncontrollable power, correctly perceived, could be transformed from the obstacle to my happiness to become the very force that propelled me towards joy, towards peace …read more.

We all experience times in life where we are unsure which road to take or how to take the next step on the road before us.  If our vision of the path ahead is not clear we can find ourselves feeling stuck or dissatisfied without understanding why.  This lack of clarity occurs because we don’t see and understand ourselves clearly.  As a transformational life coach I partner with you to support you in exploring and finding a path towards the life goals and experiences you are seeking, a path that moves you forwards in your life and also deeper into yourself.   The transformation occurs as you work to explore, discover, understand, empower and transform your idea of who you are.

Your work with me will lead to the creation of a clearer map of the way ahead and help define the stepping stones that can get you to where you want to be. The coach’s role is not to give advice, judgement or direction but is to guide, encourage and, where necessary, challenge you to move forwards as you explore and take ownership of the path that feels true to you.