the mindful leader

“a candle loses nothing by lighting another”

I’ve been thinking about leadership a lot lately, specifically mindful leadership. True leadership means being an example that inspires others to follow. A true leader both inspires and helps others empower themselves to follow their own inner leader.  The mindful leader does not seek blind followers but understands that in allowing their own light to shine it reminds others of the same light within themselves and so we walk forwards together joined in a shared purpose and shared values aligned with the authentic self.

The key to mindful leadership is being present to your own truth, to the truth of those around you and being mindful of the truth always ready to emerge in each moment.  As the saying goes there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. This for me captures the essence of a true, mindful leader, an individual who is able to be present to and perceive the power of the truth of the moment and align themselves with it in an authentic way.  Even if that truth is a simple thought or idea, if the time is right for it to be recognised, spoken and embodied then its power can be immense, even limitless.

I see this in my coaching work when in one session an idea or action is explored that the client feels no connection to but then in a later session the same thought or action can take on incredible power because the client has aligned with something true within themselves and so the idea now comes into focus in a way that feels right and has great momentum behind it.

All of this is a reminder to me that the mindful leader remains humble in the understanding that we do not “make” anything happen.  A mindful leader aligns with what is ready to emerge and so becomes a channel for something far greater than the individual self could imagine.

Trusting in ourselves and being present in the moment we are able to connect to a vision or a seed that, expressed through us, draws to it those within whom that same spark is ready to ignite and so they are drawn to join in and contribute to the shared manifestation of that vision.  By being true to and trusting in the authentic self the mindful leader inspires others to connect to and embody that same truth within their own selves.   The mindful leader in one shines a light on the mindful leader in us all.