to be is to have

“Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

~Mark Twain

We often feel we’re lacking, lacking time, lacking energy, lacking love, that we’re not getting enough. We feel like we don’t have enough for ourselves, let alone enough to give to others. The irony is that what we feel is lacking in our lives is usually the thing we’re not giving enough of. Giving freely and unconditionally connects you to your own inner abundance in a way that nothing else can.

Just by being present you can make a real difference in the lives of others and something beautiful begins to grow inside, the simple love of giving. This service minded relationship to life manifests in many ways, simple acts of kindness, taking a minute to listen, offering help to a stranger in the street, reaching out and connecting when you see the opportunity, even if it’s just a smile. You might be the one person who showed someone kindness that day and that moment could change how they feel about the world and themselves when they go to bed at night.

It begins to add up to a life filled with beautiful moments, a life that feels rich. As my focus shifts from “what can I get” to “what can I give”, my life is increasingly defined by an attitude of giving that connects me to my heart, to love, to my own abundance. And that really is the greatest gift I can give to myself.