what is transformational coaching?

Coaching is a present and future orientated approach with an emphasis on cultivating self-empowerment, authentic self-expression and exploring practical actions that bring about a positive shift in your relationship to the area of life you have chosen to work on.  While the coaching process may involve looking at and exploring issues with the past, the focus will always be on what has been learned from the past, what is true in the present and how this can be used to move forwards.

Transformational coaching seeks to help you to open to experiencing greater freedom and fulfillment in your life by working to connect you with your inner beliefs and perceptions in a way that shifts your relationship to yourself and to the world around you.  As you move deeper into your authentic self so you move deeper in your understanding and experience of who you really are.

Coaching also has a clear end point with six sessions being the typical length of time we would work together.  The reason for this is to maintain a clear connection to a sense of constant forward momentum and to give the client the understanding that the coach’s role is help them prepare themselves for moving forward in life in a self sufficient and self empowered way.  The coach’s job is done when the client no longer needs them!

what can coaching help me with?

Coaching can address any area of your life that you are ready to bring meaningful change to.  From career, relationships and health/fitness to creativity, self esteem, life purpose and more, coaching can support you in the process of uncovering what is true for you today and what the possibilities are for moving forwards in a way that feels authentically you.   Regardless of the area of focus, the growth in self awareness that coaching can bring will bring greater understanding and fulfillment to all aspects of your life.

what are the principles of coaching?

Coaching as a profession adheres to clear and effective principles proven to support growth and facilitate awareness:

Trust – The relationship between you and your coach is one based fundamentally on trust.   A life coach works to build an authentic and supportive dynamic with you allowing you to feel comfortable exploring sometimes very personal aspects of yourself.  An ethical coach will always exhibit non-judgment, honesty, sincerity and authenticity in their interactions with you and anything that happens within the session is strictly confidential.

Subjectivity – Each individual’s experience is different and no perspective is right or wrong.  Coaching isn’t about judging the choices you have made and the beliefs you hold but about supporting you in exploring the relationship between your beliefs and perceptions and your life experience.

Empowerment – Each one of us is capable of growing in awareness and understanding of ourselves leading to us making clearer and more empowered decisions about our lives.  Taking responsibility for your experience and learning to approach your life from a more aware and empowered space is a core aspect of the coaching process.

Guidance – A coach will never give you advice, direction or judgment.  What a coach will do is partner with you and guide you through the process of self exploration.  The direction, pace and extent of the exploration is always up to you.  While your coach may at times challenge you to challenge yourself, you will never be asked to move in a direction or at a pace that doesn’t feel right to you.

what can I expect from  my coach?

The coaching partnership is a conscious, intentional agreement between you and your coach  to work together to enable you to reach the goals you have for yourself and your life.  The coaching relationship consistently gives the power back to you in the understanding that you are the expert on you!  The answers are always to be found within yourself and the coach’s role is to guide, encourage and challenge you as you work to discover the understanding you are seeking.

how does the process work?

Coaching can take place in person or over the phone and each session is approximately 60 minutes.  Your coach will work with you over a series of six sessions, approximately a month apart, to help you define the goal you are working towards and guide you in creating a pathway to that goal.   This pathway will consist of a series of stepping stones that you feel are the steps necessary to the achievement of your goal.

As you work to explore and uncover the path that you feel is right for you you will be learning to understand and relate to yourself in a clearer and more authentic way.  Your coach is there to help guide this growth in awareness and to  both encourage and challenge you to continue moving forwards.

where did you do your training?

I trained through Full Circle Development (now Full Circle Global) in Edinburgh. As an ICF accredited school with excellent trainers and coach mentors I was drawn to their highly rigorous and thorough approach to coaching as a profession, a skill and an art. More information can be found here.

what is the ICF?

The ICF is the International Coach Federation, a global body that sets the guidelines and standards required to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of coaching as a profession.  As an ICF approved coach I adhere to the ethics and guidelines of the ICF while bringing my own unique experience, style and understanding to the coaching process.  More information on the ICF code of ethics can be found here.

how much does it cost?

Each 60 minute session is £65 or all six sessions can be purchased in advance for £350.

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